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Discover How To Dynamically Plan Your TARs For Success With MODS

Unlock the Digital Future of Asset Information Management!

In this ever-evolving industry landscape, staying ahead means embracing innovative solutions that drive efficiency and safety. MODS Connect is leading this transformation, turning the daunting challenges of turnaround (TAR) and shutdown management into opportunities for optimization and growth. By downloading our brochure, you gain exclusive access to:

  • Groundbreaking Case Studies: Delve deeper into success stories and witness the transformative power of MODS Connect in action.
  • Expert Insights: Uncover the multifaceted benefits of digitalizing your TAR processes, straight from the industry experts.
  • Feature Unveiling: Get a firsthand look at the unique features that make MODS Connect a game-changer in the industry helping transform how our customers plan, control and execute work - safely, on time and within budget.

Why MODS Connect is Your Go-To Solution for TAR Management


  • Unmatched Transparency & Traceability
  • Streamlined Workflow & Real-Time Monitoring
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems
  • Remote & Immersive Site Visits through a Visualization Datahub
  • Ensured Efficiency with Digital Work Packs


MODS Connect Turnarounds and shutdowns

Our Digital TAR And Shutdown Solution Helps You Deliver:


Critical path optimization

Improved efficiency
Accountable Integrity-min

Accountable Integrity


Single Source Interface

Effective Materials Tracking

Reduced Cost

Stable Operations

Digital TARs With MODS Connect, What People Say:

“Starting the first turnaround operation with a new digital solution gave us more flexibility to adjust our processes…When preparing for a turnaround, we always need to know what’s going to happen in advance, we don’t want any surprises as they usually result in delays. What we do want is predictability…The clarity, visibility and speed [of TAR digitalization with MODS Connect have] been revolutionary.”
Bill Karuppiah
Project Engineer
“I’ve used MODS software solutions during several major turnaround projects. Digital software without a doubt, shortens schedules, improves efficiency and communication, and gives clarity and confidence to all involved…Turnarounds become more predictable than ever before. Without specialized software, you cannot be certain that your turnaround will be on time and on budget. A data-driven turnaround is the future, the only way forward to ensure first time success and that schedules stay to plan. It is a faster and more accurate turnaround when using digital software, especially when it is all connected together…I personally would not want to return to the ‘old ways’ of paper-based tracking and documentation. It was slow and inaccurate.”
Steve Westcott
Oil & Gas Consultant
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